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Ambiente in Sedona takes luxury getaways to a whole new level

Ambiente combines luxury with sustainability. 180-degree breathtaking views that overlook the scenic landscape of Sedona. (Photos provided by Ambiente)

Erin Thorburn of AZ Big Media

Ambiente in Sedona takes luxury getaways to a whole new level

Admittedly, I just finished a novel in which a space station was a sentient being — but when I say Ambiente Sedona – A Landscape Hotel seems to know exactly what its guests need — I mean it! While I don’t claim this luxury, scenic resort is alive in the literal sense, it is a place where you will feel most alive, and whether you seek relaxation, revitalization or imagination, you’ll likely receive it in spades.

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There are multiple elements that make Ambiente (pronounced Ahm-bee-awn-tay) such a unique place to stay. First, one of the major development foundations of the Sedona retreat was to maintain the property’s natural landscape integrity. It was important to Ambiente’s Co-founders, Jennifer May and Colleen TeBrake, of Two Sister Bosses, to shape the resort around its existing flora and fauna, rather than the other way around.  

“When you look at most hotels, they build the environment for the guests,” May says. “I really wanted the outside landscape to be brought in for visitors. That’s what people come here for.”

Bringing the outdoors in at Ambiente has been achieved through its individual guest atriums — dwellings with floor-to-ceiling glass, with 180-degree views of Sedona’s red rocks. Plus, a series of ancient waterways course through various points in the property. And, each Atrium has access to a rooftop with even more spectacular views and a cozy couch, complete with a gas-lit fire pit. 

Relaxation station

So, going back to Ambiente’s intuitive powers to provide what its guests require most — those who need relaxation can simply sit in bed, look outside and have an instant red rock, tree-line, paradise, desertscape to gaze upon; or they can climb to the rooftop with a book and beverage of choice and take in the views. To double down on rest and recovery, Ambiente offers guests the Velvet Spa.

For those wishing to partake in one or more of the Velvet Spa’s menu provisions, there are multiple options from which to choose ranging from specialty massages and facials to luxurious body treatments. The massage I received from Dawn was magical in every way shape and form. If you have difficulty determining which pampering route to pursue, Melissa and staff are all too happy to help personalize your experience for you.

Energization vacation

Now, for others who may seek to tap into the Sedona vortex vibes to energize, they can take a yoga mat to the roof for a self-guided Vinyasa session, plunge into the property’s beach-line pool or take a hike on the nearby Adobe Jack Trailhead. Ambiente’s staff can also help facilitate off-property adventures such as Sedona Jeep Tours, Elevated Wine Tours, Horseback Riding and more. 

Of course, whether in relaxation or energization mode (or somewhere in between) you’ll need sustenance along the way, and Ambiente doesn’t disappoint on that end either. Onsite restaurant, Forty1, entreats diners to decadent breakfast and dinner options — I recommend the Smoked Salmon Plate and Eggs Benedict for breakfast and Scallops and the charcuterie board is a must for dinner! “The Drifter,” the Airstream turned snack shack, serves small bites during the lunch hour and in-between-meal times. 

There is no shortage of ways to unwind, wind up and/or simply be at Ambiente. To book your stay, visit