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Diamondbacks honor Most Influential Women in Arizona

The Arizona Diamondbacks hosted Women’s Night on Thursday, August 24th where they recognized the Most Influential Women in Business of 2023 on the field before the game. From left: Julie Fletcher, Enterprise Bank & Trust, Danielle Puente, DP Electric, Jodi Noble, Deloitte and Amilyn Pierce, Diamondbacks (Photo courtesy of Erin Thorburn)

Zora Carrier of AZ Big Media

Diamondbacks honor Most Influential Women in Arizona

The Arizona Diamondbacks hosted Women’s Night on Thursday, August 24th where they recognized the Most Influential Women in Business of 2023 on the field before the game.

Arizona Diamondbacks very own Amilyn Pierce was one of the 34 women named Most Influential Women in Business of 2023. Pierce is the vice president of government affairs for the Diamondbacks organization. Growing up and having a background of more than 20 years in government, she ended up obtaining her dream job in an organization she feels extremely supported in. 

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“The simple fact that I get to come here every day to work, it hardly feels like work. I think it just underscored how supportive this organization is,” Pierce says. 

Thursday night the Diamondbacks hosted a recognition of these inspiring women on the field before their game against the Cincinnati Reds. The women were given a warm celebration from not only the Diamondbacks organization but from every person in the stands and every player in the dugout. 

“For our organization, it was a no brainer. This is an organization that supports women at all levels. We have a female manager in our high A club, three female executives, lots of female directors and senior directors. It is a place that really has clearly supported women,” Pierce says. 

Sports is an industry where seeing women, especially those who are recognized for their influence, is uncommon but the Arizona Diamondbacks have made sure that it is not unusual, but more normal than ever. Pierce was surprised and humbled at her nomination along with these amazing women. 

“I was personally recognized by people in the hallways which made me feel really good,” Pierce adds, “Again it’s not something that I could have achieved without the support of this organization and this is my dream job.”

Pierce accepted her role for the Diamondbacks without hesitation as she could immediately tell she would be joining not a business, but a family and that was extremely important to her. The Diamondbacks was somewhere she was comfortable bringing her young son to join her at games despite the long hours not only she, but every person in the office logged. 

Pierce emphasized the importance of learning from every experience and opportunity that comes along throughout life. Everything that might have seemed as a loss or a missed opportunity ended up being exactly what she needed to have happen to get her where she is today.

“You learn way more from your losses than your wins. Those jobs that I didn’t get or those opportunities that I thought passed me by, ended up putting me exactly where I needed to be, exactly where I am today, which is exactly where I want to be,” Pierce says. 

Throughout her career Pierce learned the value of working as a team and saw the impact it has on the work that can be done. 

“Nothing that you achieve – or worth achieving – are you going to achieve on your own. It’s really being part of a team and working together that you get the biggest stuff done” Pierce concludes.