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Officers have left home they surrounded, saying they were executing a search warrantShare

Most of the law enforcement officers and a helicopter that surrounded a home connected to a relative of the suspect in the Maine shootings have left after executing a search warrant and calling for anyone inside to surrender.

Officers had yelled through a megaphone at the home near Bowdoin, Maine, for suspect Robert Card or anyone inside to “Come out with your hands up.”

Maine State Police said afterward that the announcements were standard.

“It is unknown whether Robert Card is in any of the homes law enforcement will search,” the statement posted on Facebook said.

Richard Goddard, who lives on the road where the searches were taking place in Bowdoin, said he knows the Card family and that Robert knows the terrain well.

“This is is his stomping ground. He grew up here. He knows every ledge to hide behind, every thicket,” he said.

4:56 PM MST

Officers at home where suspect’s relatives live call for surrenderShare

Heavily armed officers surrounding a home where relatives of the suspect in the Maine shootings live near Bowdoin, Maine, are calling for a person or people inside to surrender.

Law enforcement officers asked TV crews to turn off their lights nearby before officers could be heard yelling into a megaphone shortly after 7 p.m.

“You need to come outside now with nothing in your hands. Your hands in the air,” officers shouted outside the home owned by suspect Robert Card’s relatives.

Officers were speaking through the megaphone, waiting, then speaking again. At one point, officers said they could guarantee safety if the person or people walked outside the house.

3:20 PM MST

Volunteer youth bowling coach and ‘hero’ bar manager among Maine shooting victimsShare

People stand outside a reunification center early Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023, at Auburn Middle School in Auburn, Maine, after shootings Wednesday at a bar and a bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
People stand outside a reunification center early Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023, at Auburn Middle School in Auburn, Maine, after shootings Wednesday at a bar and a bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

A volunteer youth bowling coach known for encouraging children and a bar manager whose father said died “a hero” were among the at least 18 people killed and 13 injured in two mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine.

According to Maine State Police, seven people died Wednesday night at Sparetime Recreation bowling alley, six were male and one was female. Eight more people, all male, died at Schemengees Bar and Grille; seven were killed outside the establishment; one inside. Three others died after being taken to area hospitals.

Authorities have not released the victims’ names, but their family members have been confirming their deaths.

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FBI, other officers gather at home where suspect’s relatives liveShare

Several FBI agents and other heavily armed officers gathered Thursday afternoon off a road where several relatives of shootings suspect Robert Card live near Bowdoin, Maine.

A military-style vehicle and a white van arrived and moments later someone repeatedly yelled, “FBI! Open the door!”

Loud booms could be heard a few seconds apart as helicopters circled overhead. Nearby, several armed police officers stood on alert in the back of a pickup truck.

1:53 PM MST

Hospital treats patients injured in shootingsShare

Eight people injured in the Maine shootings remained hospitalized at Central Maine Medial Center on Thursday afternoon, officials said.

Hospital officials said five of the patients are in stable condition and three are critical. The hospital has not released the ages of the patients. All of the patients had been identified by late afternoon, said Dr. John Alexander, the chief medical officer.

Alexander said the hospital is not used to dealing with this level of emergency care, but the staff was trained for it.

“It’s unprecedented in terms of the severity of the injuries and the tragedy to the community,” he said.

12:11 PM MST

Coast Guard searches by boat as shooting suspect remains at largeShare

Authorities have been searching both on land and water for the suspect in Wednesday’s shootings in Maine that killed 18 people.

The Coast Guard sent out a patrol boat Thursday morning along the Kennebec River. But after hours of searching, authorities found “nothing out of the ordinary,” said Chief Petty Officer Ryan Smith, who is in charge of the Coast Guard’s Boothbay Harbor Station.

The suspect’s car had been discovered by a boat launch near the Androscoggin River, which connects to the Kennebec, and his 15-foot (4.5-meter) boat remains unaccounted for, Smith said.

But he added that officials didn’t have any specific intelligence that the suspect, Robert Card, might have escaped aboard his boat. “We’re just doing our due diligence,” he said.