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Sacramento reportedly ‘front-runner’ for A’s 2025-27 home

The A’s will move to Las Vegas in 2028 and will play in Oakland this season, but in between remains up in the air

            Matt Snyder

By Matt Snyder of

The Oakland Athletics will become the Las Vegas Athletics – at least that’s the plan – come 2028. There are a few hurdles remaining, but they still fully intend to permanently move to Vegas in time for the 2028 season. We know the A’s will remain in Oakland this season, but a bridge is necessary with the 2025-27 seasons not yet decided. 

The field of possibilities has been narrowed to three with a front-runner having emerged, according to The Athletic. The three options would be remaining in Oakland, playing in Salt Lake City or playing in Sacramento. The leader in the proverbial clubhouse right now is Sacramento, the report says. 

Remaining in Oakland seems to be the least likely of the three, given how adversarial the relationship between the A’s and the city has become. 

Salt Lake City is home to the Triple-A Bees (Angels affiliate) and Smith’s Ballpark, which seats 14,000. The rub there would be the A’s losing TV revenue. 

According to the report in The Athletic, the A’s would be able to keep a portion of their TV revenue if they went to Sacramento, which isn’t all that far away from the Bay Area. 

Sutter Health Park in Sacramento hosts the Triple-A River Cats (Giants affiliate) and can seat over 14,000 if the outfield lawn fills up. 

The A’s would have to work with the Giants and Minor League Baseball in order to share the ballpark with the River Cats for three seasons, but otherwise, this seems like the best route for the temporary A’s home.